Executive Coaching

How do you extend impact and improve the ability of leaders, teams and organizations to deliver results?

YSC coaches are skilled, global leadership assessors experienced in the commercial and strategic realities of organizational leadership. As change experts, we partner closely with individuals and their organization to ensure measurable growth with a sustainable impact is embedded within the workplace.


increase in leaders’ capability in target behaviors and skills after coaching, as rated by their line managers


of leaders coached by YSC felt confident their leadership changes were sustainable


of participants in a recent coaching engagement rated their coaching relationship favorably for providing action


of leaders coached by YSC were promoted to broader, more complex roles within 12 months

Triple Impact Coaching

YSC provides your organization with more than just a coach. Our coaches bring three skill sets and therefore move between three roles when working with your leaders. We call this YSC’s Triple Impact Integrative Coaching.

Through YSC’s Triple Impact Integrative Coaching, leaders make significant and lasting change as they progress towards their leadership goals. Leaders are equipped to continue their progress even after the coaching engagement has finished.


Our services are high-touch and relational, focused on developing intimacy with our clients. Our best-in-class consultants are highly characterful, representing a range of backgrounds in the behavioral sciences and business, coming from different markets around the world and representing a wide range of social identities.


Our coaching generates insight that leads to deeper coaching conversations. This depth facilitates notable growth and equips leaders with their own resources to sustain change and enhance performance.


We believe each individual coaching engagement is unique, so we customize sessions around the individual leader’s development, focusing on time-bound, role-related challenges and organizational context to ensure that we align individual progress to organizational outcomes.


Teams are a complex system within a system. They have ranging needs, diverse goals and the added complexity of multiple human interactions with other teams. Our coaching is tailored to a team’s context and specific needs to align them around collective business priorities.

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Leaders are often expected to coach with little or minimal training, tools or support. Confused with mentoring, there is also a lack of clarity as to what good coaching looks like. YSC created Coachable Moments to enable leaders to integrate coaching into everyday interactions – to spot when to coach and build capability in the moment to embed a culture of coaching within an organization.

Our Coaching Offerings

Our development interventions are strategically applied to your organization’s development initiatives to empower your individuals and teams to shape a culture of leadership development.

Executive Coaching

Uses a time-bound framework to focus on the individual needs of each leader to craft a bespoke coaching program and development plan.

Transition Coaching

Accelerates effective on-boarding, prevents derailment and increases hiring success at senior and executive levels.

Parental Leave Coaching

Increases retention of parents and improves their integration and performance when entering back into the workplace.

Leadership Resilience Coaching

Fosters and builds individual resilience and cultivates greater resilience in others, utilizing YSC’s Leadership Resilience Profiler™. Helps teams create the conditions to cultivate increased team resilience.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching & Team Development

Provides leaders with a confidential space to explore the shifts in their thinking and identifies the behaviors needed to become a more inclusive leader. Enables diverse talent to thrive within an organization by building on an individual’s uniqueness.

Expands upon an understanding of conscious inclusion and uses YSC’s Inclusive Leadership Model as a springboard for sustainable behavioral change.

High-Potential Development

Explores different elements of judgment, drive and influence to develop key behaviors that can help leaders advance more quickly into senior roles.

Developing Real Relationships

Builds emotional intelligence and provides tools to develop deeper relationships to increase leadership impact with internal and external stakeholders.

Coachable Moments

Provides an adaptable framework to have a range of timely, bite-sized and informal conversations to develop real-time feedback.

Spotlight: Leadership Resilience

Offer your top teams an opportunity to reflect on their leadership resilience. Create conditions for them to thrive in challenging times. Our online interactive ‘Leading Through Crisis’ programme is designed for clients who are working remotely.


Redefining leadership in a disruptive business environment

Our client partnered with us understanding of the skills, experiences and behaviors required of leaders to execute their ambitious business strategy.

Introducing assessment within an electronics business

YSC partnered with the newly appointed Chief Executive to gain a better understanding on the individual profiles within Vice President roles and the Europe Management Team.

Embedding a coaching culture

We partnered with this client to embed a high-performance coaching culture within the leadership population which would then cascade down the organisation.

Developing a coaching culture within a FTSE 100 beverages company

We partnered with the client to create a sustainable culture change and coaching programs that could be applied across all levels of their organization and validated participants with external accreditation.

Building Board effectiveness with a national television broadcaster

As a newly formed Board, this client required support in how best to move forward and add value beyond regular governance responsibilities.

Building a strong pipeline of ExCo talent at a multinational insurance company

A FTSE 100 multinational insurance company partnered with YSC to define the culture needed to their new strategy and create leaders who will help realize this cultural shift.

Building a distinctive Coaching program with a FTSE 100 beverages company

This FTSE 100 beverages company partnered with YSC to devise and deliver a distinctive coaching program for 150 participants that complemented their existing internal support.

Accelerating leadership development in APAC for a global real estate company

Accelerating leadership development in APAC for a global real estate company.


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