Identifying & Developing Potential

How do you know that you are identifying and developing your talent effectively? Do you have the people you need to achieve your desired future state? YSC’s JDI Model of Potential™ can unlock the insights you need to make better decisions.

Using past performance to predict future success is an outdated model. As roles expand and business context shifts amidst disruption and advances in technology, it is increasingly unlikely that someone’s current capabilities translate to success in broader leadership roles.

Examining an individual’s potential, however, provides a broader scope with which to understand the future capability of your talent.

> 80%

of individuals who receive top ratings from us later move to a more senior-role, while over 60% move on to become an enterprise-level leader


more predictive of an individual’s potential and their future success when compared to an organization’s own ratings

> 50K

leadership assessments and benchmarking carried out using JDI

> 1.5M

data points generated on leadership capabilities and potential


Focuses On Future Success: We examine behaviors that predict future potential, thus helping businesses create succession plans.

Widely Researched: During the past 20 years, our model has been studied and validated by our business psychologists.

Developmentally Driven: In addition to measuring potential, it provides an overview of individuals’ strengths and development areas alongside practical tips to speed up readiness for more demanding roles.

Easy To Implement: The model and supporting tools have been designed for organizations to easily understand, embed and maintain.

High-Touch & Tech-Enabled

Examining an individual’s potential provides a broader lens to understand the future capability of your talent. Our approach to identifying potential is both high-touch and tech-enabled, providing a scalable solution to truly understand the potential of your leaders.

Rigorous & Agile

JDI is research-based, validated and predictive of future success. We also consider the context of your organization and can flex certain aspects of the model to develop solutions that work best for your needs.


To date, JDI has been used to assess over 50,000 diverse global leaders. Developing a greater understanding of one’s own potential enables leaders to take greater ownership of their development and career progression by understanding where they need to focus. This validated methodology underpins our best-in-class executive assessment.


We partner with you to create accelerated developmental programs for your high-potential leaders. While each program is unique to the specific needs of an organization, we always explore how leaders think, how their thinking impacts others and what it means to be an influential leader through developing insights into one’s self and others.


Embedding a culture of potential enables you to refine your talent pipeline, better understand areas of strength and uncover existing gaps. We partner with you to identify the best way to integrate JDI throughout your organization to enable a developmental culture focused on future success. We then design a roll out plan that best suits your organization’s objectives.

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