Private Equity

Leadership is a chronically overlooked lever of value creation.

Individual leaders, how they work as a team, and the culture they create are an asset that can generate outsized return.

How do you quantify leadership and performance with precision? It can feel complex, unpredictable and undiscoverable; it is thus often the last critical unknown in diligence. As such, it’s a highly underleveraged asset. YSC’s Global Private Equity practice brings a rigorous science to leadership—transforming it into a variable to measure, anticipate and optimize.

Yet the rigor cannot and should not come at the expense of relationship. To really know leadership is to partner in a developmental, collaborative and meaningful way that adds to—rather than detracts from—the relationship capital.

Our work in PE connects to strategy from the first. We start pre-deal to reverse engineer the capabilities, interactions and shared culture to create a blueprint of the leadership required at various stages of the business, and ensure the right leadership is positioned to deliver results worthy of the investment.

We are the leadership strategists of choice for our investor clients including:

  • Top-tier, upper market PE firms with whom we partner across portfolio, from pre-exclusivity to pre-close to post-deal to exit
  • Firms focusing on mid-market, deploying us in a more surgical, targeted way
  • Investors focused on early-stage high-growth, high-risk assets
  • LPs looking to shrewdly select the PE firms that consistently deliver responsible value.

Our Approach

These are the questions that drive how we execute leadership strategy across the deal cycle:

  • Identify leadership that enables value creation against the investment thesis
  • Generate data-driven hypotheses about leadership risks and opportunities
  • Build a picture of ideal end state
  • Build a picture of current state
  • Measure capability and potential of individuals and teams to predict success
  • Diagnose and analyze gaps
  • Design and roll out a leadership blueprint
  • Design, execute and measure interventions to accelerate value creation
  • Develop cross-portfolio insight to drive value at scale

Pre-deal diligence


Mapping the leadership needed, and when


1:1 advisory through the first 100 days


Creating the conditions for high performing teams


CEO succession