Culture Change

The collectively held norms and assumptions that make up organizational culture drive much of our behavior at work. What needs to shift in your culture to create a high functioning environment that supports your strategic goals?

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Returning To Work Without Returning To The Past

How organizations design the return to the office, whatever form that may take, will be as important culturally as how they managed the onset of working from home.

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While a high functioning organizational culture is a well-established enabler of business success, many organizations avoid confronting elements of their culture that are barriers to realizing their strategy. We partner with organizations to diagnose their current culture, envision their desired culture and design high-impact interventions that drive culture change.

We partner with you at any and all stages of your journey to:


Understand the health, style and drivers of your current culture

Develop an in-depth understanding of your organization’s cultural health and unique cultural style, including a read-out on the social, structural and leadership factors which are driving this, via diagnostic surveys, stakeholder interviews, focus groups and desk research.

Envision your ideal culture

Define the organizational culture required to achieve your strategic goals in a co-creative, collaborative way with colleagues and create a high performance, resilient, inclusive and purposeful environment for all.

Uncover the gaps to reach your ideal culture

Assess what is required at a strategic level, and from leaders specifically, to achieve shifts that will drive organizational performance.

Design & implement culture change interventions

Create a dynamic program and equip leaders with the tools, frameworks and interventions required to enable and sustain the desired culture shifts. Ensure alignment across social, structural and leadership drivers to create meaningful change.

Evaluate & extend the impact of your culture change program

Culture never stands still. Measure the progress of the culture change agenda, evaluate its success and evolve its progression in line with current needs.


We know that effective culture change is dynamic, with a strong emotional component and must be participative yet signaled from the top by leaders. Our methodology reflects this: we immerse ourselves in our clients’ contexts, partner to support inclusive, organization-led change and equip leaders to meaningfully engage with reactions to change. We bring our behavioral science expertise to ground our work in what we know will deliver meaningful, lasting behavior change.


We draw on our 30 years’ experience of working with leaders and organizations, while at the same time deeply understanding our clients’ unique context through qualitative and quantitative methods. No two culture change programs will ever be the same. We understand your organization and apply our experience of leaders and behavior change to design the right intervention for your context.


Individual leaders transmit culture. Leaders act as role models, tell stories and reinforce rituals. We help leaders develop as ideal culture carriers, equipping them with the tools and know-how to consistently and proactively signal the required culture.


Culture change must be signaled from the top, and this starts with the executive team. We partner with top teams to scope, shape and deliver culture change programs. We also develop the team to lead in a way which both signals and reinforces the required cultural shifts.

Organizational Culture

Culture change is delivered through both cross-organization interventions and localised interventions. We support clients to understand what drives their overarching culture and subcultures, not just how they manifest. As a result, our clients know how and where to focus their efforts to achieve the required culture shifts.

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