CEO Succession

CEO succession is not just about an individual role change; it is an opportunity for C-suite development and organizational renewal. Done well, it creates a new phase of growth for the whole enterprise.​

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The appointment of a CEO is one of the most critical decisions that a Board makes. The decision and process has implications on everything from the realization of strategy, future value, reputation and broader societal impact. The magnitude of success and failure is indisputable. The global pandemic, climate change, and socio-economic volatility have accentuated that even more, and have intensified CEO requirements.

You need a partner who understands your needs across the succession planning cycle; from creating a diverse pipeline of candidates, to selecting the right candidate for your future context and ensuring a smooth transition.

You will benefit from our independent view, underpinned by our experience from a vast number of FTSE 100, Fortune 500, ASX 50 and PE-backed businesses. Together, this provides assurance, mitigates risk and accelerates performance and change.


Estimated increase in company valuations and investor returns with better CEO and C-suite succession planning

Effective succession planning is a key investment

$1 Trillion

Estimated annual cost among S&P 1,500 alone for poor CEO and C-suite succession planning

Mitigate the risk, or risk failing


Boards report the need to improve their CEO succession planning

Boards that take a proactive, long-term approach increase the likelihood of successful outcomes


FTSE 100 CEOs from ethnic minority backgrounds

It is critical to embed a DEI ethos into every part of the succession process

Succession advisory: co-creating an end-to-end journey



Define your future requirements and build towards it. We help you set the right succession strategy, build your pipeline and manage risk amidst changing circumstances.


Align on key success criteria and assess against them. Defining specific criteria for your context ensures the selection process provides predictive insight into candidates’ likely impact and risks.


Reduce bias and optimize objective decision-making. Select the right CEO to lead your organization's future through our independent insights, data and facilitation.


Set the CEO and their team up for success. Accelerate CEO impact through knowledge transfer, coaching and team and cultural change. YSC’s advisory supports commercial, contextual and behavioral change.

Independent assurance & accelerated performance

As independent CEO succession advisors, we deliver objective insight. Our evidence-backed approach enables contextual predictions, helps to reduce bias and supports robust decision-making.

Our developmental approach equips the incoming CEO to have a smooth transition, thereby enabling them to perform in role.

Unique partnership & systemic support

Relationships are a core YSC value; >60% of our clients have been with us for 5+years and 90% of our new work comes from referrals. This is underpinned by our client impact, the depth of our experience, and our approach to partnering.

Our combined expertize in organizational strategy, leadership strategy, DEI, and Board dynamics enables us to approach this complex work systemically; optimizing outcomes within your unique context.


By focusing on the development of potential successors we help you to create the conditions for a diverse talent pool to flourish. Our depth of insight into individuals helps to identify potential successors, accelerate their development and provide predictive insight into likely impact and risks of internal and external candidates. We support the selection of the right CEO to lead the organization’s future and accelerate their transition and performance.


CEO succession processes affect an entire eco-system, are confidential and often emotive. They can risk causing friction, misalignment of expectations amongst key stakeholders, as well as top team turnover. We help to anticipate, mitigate and navigate those potential risks. We improve Board dynamics, facilitate constructive debate and fair decision-making that supports the appointment of the right CEO. Once in role, we facilitate the high performance of the new CEO’s team.

Organizational culture

A new CEO provides a unique opportunity to evolve or transform your culture. CEO succession does not stop after the appointment; if the organizational change is not well-managed even the best candidate will fail. We partner with you to ensure a smooth transition and evolve the culture you need for the future.

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