Team Development

Strong and effective team dynamics are an essential engine of organizational success. Organizational and digital developments have made teams more important than ever, and even more difficult to get right.

The pace of technological and social advances have led to unprecedented challenges for organizations – demanding cross-functional working, diverse styles and collective leadership. Alongside this, teams themselves have become more complex – characterised by geographic dispersion, flatter structures, virtual working and less defined team boundaries. Success at work is now dependent on how effectively people work together to deliver a shared objective. Investing in teams impacts the bottom line. It drives positive shifts in the teams’ direct performance, how people feel about their work, and organizational outcomes.


variance in financial performance explained by the quality of social interactions between comparable teams


greater economic impact achieved by effective teams over equivalent groups with poor teamwork


decrease in likelihood of stress for team members within healthy team dynamics than comparable dysfunctional teams


increase in executive team effectiveness of global businesses, when using our teams model

YSC 4DynamiX Model of Team Effectiveness

Underpinning all of our team development programs is YSC’s proprietary research-backed 4DynamiX Model of Team Effectiveness. Based in behavioral science, it outlines the core elements of team effectiveness relevant to every team. There are two overarching factors; Relating (how the team develops and maintains high quality, trusting relationships) and Operating (how the team develops and maintains clarity of why, how and what objectives will be delivered). Within the factors of Relating and Operating, there are four core dynamics at play:

Cohesion – Being united and showing belief in the team.

Exchange – Being open and sharing views constructively.

Purpose – Being motivated, ambitious and focused.

Clarity – Being operationally efficient.

Using the model, we support teams to understand their functioning and attend to all elements of team effectiveness, ensuring that any blind spots or neglected areas are recognized and addressed.

Diverse, Commercial & Psychological

We draw on a wide range of disciplines, personal identities and professional backgrounds to inform our perspectives, thinking and teams. We provide high-quality, powerful, change-oriented experiences whenever we partner. We understand your business; its context, strengths, threats and opportunities. We work responsibly with a focus on driving value. Our work is deeply grounded in behavioral science. We understand what makes people tick and what derails them. This informs our design approach and the techniques we use in the room.

Rigorous, Relevant & Experienced

We bring 30 years’ experience of leadership and team development, yet our first step is always to immerse ourselves in the unique strengths, challenges, and character of your team. We draw on our evidence-based 4DynamiX Model of Team Effectiveness to develop solutions. We apply analytical depth and intuitive experience in equal measure. We are squarely grounded in the present and focused on the future. We help you understand what great teamwork looks like for what’s still to come, not what’s already in the past.


We create an environment where the members of the team can speak the truth and address the real issues that are holding them back. We flex our approach in the moment, and we draw on data-driven insights on individuals while remaining focused on the underlying strategic objectives.


The 4DynamiX Survey provides a 360° view of the team and its current effectiveness, mapped to the 4DynamiX Model. The report shows how the team is performing against the four core components of team effectiveness, from both an internal and external perspective. We provide recommendations for how the team can accelerate its performance and leverage its existing strengths. This is only the beginning – we partner with teams over time through a deep and supportive process that creates lasting change.

Organizational Culture

We develop a deep understanding of your organizational context, ensuring that team development is owned by the team and focused on what matters most. We design and approach in partnership with you, co-creating a solution that resonates with your context – both culture and strategy.

Client Testimonials

“We are operating as a board much better: we are light years ahead of where we were a year ago… our conversation is more productive and challenging, we are agreeing things and delivering on them”.

Global Financial Client

“People were impressed by how pragmatic it was, how good the material was, and how relevant it was. Several people have been to 20 or 30 of these, and this was one of the best they’ve ever been to in any context.”

Management Team Member, Private Equity Client

“I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication and focus during our time together…the YSC team did a tremendous job.”

Large Financial Institution

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