How do organizations know they have the right leaders in place?

A business strategy is only as good as the leaders that can bring it to life. In today’s environment of disruption and change, it is increasingly difficult to fully understand and identify the capabilities needed for individuals to be successful in business-critical roles. As roles become more complex, looking at past performance to predict fit for future leadership roles does not suffice.

Instead, YSC believes that a person’s potential is what will determine their future success and we have developed a proprietary model of potential that underpins all of our assessment work.


positive feedback ratings from people we assessed from a multi-year study across clients, industries and geographies


of individuals who receive a YSC rating of ‘ready now’ move to more senior roles in the year following the assessment

> 1.5M

data points generated on leadership capabilities and potential


of participants have a better understanding of their weaknesses and how to address them as a result of our assessments




Understand the strategic business context


Explore the individual’s capability and potential


Share insights with key stakeholder


Identify strengths, areas for development, potential and benchmarking


Provide feedback and coaching to the individual assessed

Decisive & Developmental

We are forthright in our recommendations, using data and evidence to back up our judgments. We take a developmental approach when delivering tough feedback, focusing on growth opportunities and providing encouragement and support to help people develop into great leaders.

Commercial & Psychological

Our approach to assessment was developed by experienced business psychologists with the intent to uncover what makes people tick, what derails them and how we can utilize this knowledge to understand how to improve their leadership. We also apply a commercial lens, making sure we have a clear understanding of organizational values and business objectives to ensure that each assessment helps you know if you have the leaders needed to drive success.


Placing leaders in senior-level, business critical roles that they are not ready for has multiple risk factors that impact the broader effectiveness of the organization. Rapid turnover of senior-level roles leads to lost productivity, lost engagement and errors in output.

YSC applies independent objectivity, using proven methodology and psychological expertise to create a deep and developmental experience that not only provides your organization with deep insights on the individual, but also sets the stage to develop a strengths-based individual development plan using the specific context of the organization’s needs.


Teams are complex, have ranging need, diverse goals and the added complexity of multiple human interactions. Layer upon that our fast-changing world and the need for teams to evolve with their business, and these challenges and dynamics can feel too big, hard or time consuming to tackle.

As you integrate assessment into the talent strategy of your organization, we uncover aggregate themes at the team, function and leadership level to uncover blind spots in leadership gaps and identify key opportunities to accelerate your talent through targeted team development programs.


Organizational culture is a by-product of the mission and values that shape the company’s goals. However, there are a number of factors that can impede an organization’s ability to foster high-performance and innovation. While company culture is often thought of as intangible, our assessments and the deep insights that are uncovered through the process shed light onto the dominating behaviors that are shaping the culture, either intentionally or not.

These insights will help you understand what is driving your culture, and how to build development opportunities to make conscious shifts to create a culture that attracts the type of leadership that will propel your organization forward.

Creating Sustainable Solutions

Using executive assessment to glean deep insights about your leaders, teams and culture is the first step in unleashing your leadership strategy. YSC’s Leadership Coaching services are tailored to help you create sustainable solutions with tangible outcomes.

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