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Leaders shape cultures and cultures shape individual experience. A more diverse, equitable and inclusive world of work is only possible when leadership and culture are aligned and activated to unlock value – for individuals, organizations and society at large.

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Creating a culture of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with a leading investment bank

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Our identities, backgrounds and lived experiences shape how we think, relate, work and lead. Organizations that focus on inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) can unlock many benefits for individuals, organizations and society at large. ID&E starts with the ‘tone at the top’, but it requires the ‘mood in the middle’ and ‘buzz at the bottom’ to be aligned too.

We work with leadership teams to activate ID&E across organizations, making it part of your organizational culture, systems, and DNA.

The cases for ID&E are compelling...

The business case: ID&E benefits organizations as it drives better business performance (financial results, talent engagement, market reputation and sustainability).

The personal case: ID&E enables better individual work and well-being outcomes by providing support and buffering against the impact of bias and discrimination.

The social justice case: ID&E helps narrow societal gaps as organizations create opportunities for fairness, repair historical and ongoing harm against marginalized groups, and build better systems.

We partner with you to:


Understand the current state

Develop a deep understanding of your employees’ experiences within the organization, what ID&E mean for a wide range of stakeholders and how this is manifested currently.

Envision the future

Align on what will count as ID&E ‘success’ given your organization’s broader operating context.

Uncover the gaps

Articulate the identified gaps between the current and desired future state and identify key ID&E levers that will result in sustainable change for the organization.

Design and implement interventions

Co-create a plan to deliver relevant and evidence-based ID&E change interventions (i.e. tools, measures, workshops, development journeys, coaching etc.) to close the gaps and enable sustainable change

Evaluate and extend the impact

Measure the impact of the interventions against tangible success criteria. Adjust interventions and programming to increase and expand effectiveness.

Our Solutions

Using visioning, diagnostic and strategic planning activities, we partner with you to design and deliver bespoke ID&E interventions that will move individual leaders, teams and culture closer to your desired future state. We provide solutions to questions such as:

How do you link ID&E to your business strategy?

We support clients to identify where they are on the ID&E journey, how to purposefully link ID&E to their organizational values, culture and strategy, and how to ensure buy-in from the very top for sustained focus and momentum. Activities include:
• ID&E strategy and visioning
• Framing and activating ID&E
• Diagnosing organizational readiness
• Ambition and goal setting

How do you create inclusive leadership and a culture of equity?

We help organizations create shared meaning and commitment to inclusion and equity to bring diversity to life. We work with leaders in ways that bring nuance and personalization which then spark change led from the top. Activities include:
• ID&E advisory and coaching
• Conscious inclusion & inclusive leadership workshops
• Inclusive and/or equitable leadership experience
• Equitable leadership workshops and coaching
• Global anti-racism/anti-bias workshops

How do you embed ID&E across your talent strategy?

ID&E is not a one-off or siloed activity. We partner to embed ID&E into processes across the talent management cycle to ensure enterprise-wide renewal. Activities include:
• Targeted development and advancement programs for marginalized groups
• Inclusive leadership coaching
• Talent systems analytics and bias audits
• CEO succession with ID&E considerations
• Board effectiveness with ID&E considerations

How do you measure ID&E?

Understanding the current state of ID&E and measuring the impact or success of ID&E interventions is critical. Our propositions are tech-enabled and data-driven, whilst focused on your contextual requirements. We measure:
• Inclusive leadership (at an individual level)
• Inclusive culture (at the organizational level)
• Pulse checks to monitor ongoing progress
• Program evaluation

What our clients say...

“The team at YSC has helped facilitate more candid and transparent conversations within our organization about an individual’s future potential and development. This partnership is instrumental as Nestlé Waters continues its efforts to reduce unconscious bias and increase diversity in talent management.”

Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Waters

“YSC has worked as an extension of our own team to ensure our D&I program was a thumping success. The research base, passion and benchmarks that YSC brought to this issue made them a credible partner. In addition, the flexibility they showed in working with us in an emergent manner, staying alive to feedback we were receiving through the process, and pushing themselves and us to be cutting edge in what we were doing for our talent, made this initiative a huge success for the bank.”

LTROD Head, Global Bank

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