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Virtual leadership coaching in a crisis

Virtual leadership coaching in a crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, organizations and leaders have faced tremendous pressure to keep customers, employees and communities safe while safeguarding financial performance and company assets. Learning and development leaders may expect major cuts to training and development budgets, as they’re often the most vulnerable departments to target when a business needs to cut expenses and preserve capital.

Although there’s a strong impulse to cut this spending quickly, it’s important to advocate for a more precise and strategic approach, particularly with leadership coaching. Brian Wellman, Head of Coaching for North America at YSC Consulting, penned this Training Industry, Inc. article outlining four reasons why now — and the months ahead — are a crucial time for organizations to invest in virtual leadership coaching for high-potential leaders and others in critical roles:

  1. It lessens decision-making risk
  2. It provides clarity
  3. It helps foster personal resilience
  4. It maximizes learning

Visit the article to learn more about leadership coaching in a crisis, as well as tips for making the most of the virtual coaching experience.

Virtual leadership coaching in a crisis
Director, Head of Coaching (North America)