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Accountability is key to enabling diversity & inclusion in organizations

Accountability is key to enabling diversity & inclusion in organizations

Despite increased investment in corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives in recent years, progress remains slow. Organizations risk being perceived as lacking true commitment to building diverse workforces and inclusive cultures without demonstrating sustained, tangible impact that validates their efforts. While there are many factors that contribute to this trend, several challenges stem from a lack of organizational and individual accountability to drive the change needed.

Shane Crabb, Director and Head of Client Development in the Americas at YSC Consulting, wrote an article for Chief Learning Officer on some of the missteps well-intentioned organizations and individuals take when implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives, including tips for chief learning officers to help redirect their approach and elevate organizational and individual accountability.

As Shane shares in the article, CLOs can build this accountability at multiple levels through their work with senior leaders, teams and the enterprise by ensuring D&I is framed as a leadership challenge and an enabler of enhanced business performance, and by clarifying the roles and expectations that will contribute toward the organization’s collective impact and long-term success.

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Accountability is key to enabling diversity & inclusion in organizations