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The identities we hold and the experiences we live shape our ways of thinking about people, relationships, organizations and work. These identities and experiences inform every leader’s style and worldview, whether they know it or not.

Diversity & Inclusion as a Source of Energy

Eric Pliner, CEO of YSC Consulting speaks with Nadia Nagamootoo, founder of Avenir Consulting Services and host of the podcast series ‘Why Care’, about diversity and inclusion, institutionalized racism, inclusive leadership and much more.

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Demonstrating value for the benefits of identity-diverse teams and cultivating inclusive organizations and communities are baseline requirements of brilliant leadership.

YSC Consulting helps our partner organizations build a strong talent base, comprised of intellectually, culturally and stylistically diverse professionals while creating the conditions for them to leverage their distinct capabilities toward breakthrough performance.

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Understand the Current State

Develop an in-depth understanding of your employees' unique and overlapping experiences within the organization, across multiple business and administrative units

Envision the Future

Define the unique role that D&I should play in driving the overall business strategy by aligning on what indicates success given your organization's broader operating context

Uncover the Gaps

Define the difference between the current and desired future state of D&I by identifying what strategic activities will move your individual leaders, teams and culture toward those aspirational objectives, prioritizing recommendations and developing a strategic change agenda

Design & Implement Interventions

Co-create a plan to deliver relevant, bespoke D&I interventions as needed and appropriate to enable sustainable change

Evaluate & Extend Impact

Measure the impact of the D&I agenda against concrete success criteria, and adjust interventions and programming to increase and expand effectiveness


Our visioning, diagnostic and strategic planning activities allow us to determine which interventions will get the individual leaders, teams and culture closest to the desired future state. We then design and deliver bespoke D&I interventions, including:

Cultural Diagnostic

As well as providing insight into the levels of perceived inclusion in your organization, this tool is a first step in discerning what interventions are needed for cultural change to occur.

Inclusive Leadership 360 & Self Assessment

The Inclusive Leadership 360 & Self-Assessment explores individual self-perceptions, and the perceptions of others, against the YSC Model of Inclusive Leadership, highlighting potential strengths and weaknesses. The aggregate report facilitates personal development and helps to inform the design of subsequent interventions for inclusive teams, individuals and organizations.

Research & Insights

To establish a more targeted approach, we use a combination of personalized interviews, focus groups, individual and cultural surveys. This comprehensive view of the gaps can lead to careful selection of interventions, with clear measures of impact.

Inclusive Leadership Assessment

Our approach is based on a proven methodology developed over the past 30 years. Our assessments are humanistic and rigorous, using our Inclusive Leadership Model to understand how to best support and develop inclusive leaders.

Conscious Inclusion Workshop

This is an introductory workshop underpinned by an appreciation of identity. It brings the individual closer to the D&I agenda by uncovering how psychological safety is the key to unlocking full potential.

Inclusive Leadership Workshop

This workshop builds on an understanding of conscious inclusion and uses YSC’s Inclusive Leadership Model as a springboard for behavioral change. It starts from the premise that everyone is a leader.

Executive Sponsorship Program

For change to occur, it needs to be driven from the top. Our Executive Sponsorship Program equips senior leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively sponsor diverse talent, while also coaching high-potential talent towards professional acceleration.

Talent Development Program

Combining our expertise in leadership with an appreciation of D&I, our talent programs empower diverse talent (e.g., Women in Leadership) to navigate their path towards career progression.


“Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the YSC team on our diversity, inclusion and belonging work. At the heart of this is leadership, and the individuals at YSC truly understand how to meet the leaders where they are and then build challenging, thoughtful and tailored programs that challenge each individual to grow.

They are creative and focused on our needs, and while they share great practices from other companies, they never expect us to just pick something off the shelf.”

CHRO, Nordstrom

“YSC has worked as an extension of our own team to ensure our D&I program was a thumping success. The research base, passion and benchmarks that YSC brought to this issue made them a credible partner. In addition, the flexibility they showed in working with us in an emergent manner, staying alive to feedback we were receiving through the process, and pushing themselves and us to be cutting edge in what we were doing for our talent, made this initiative a huge success for the bank.”

LTROD Head, Global Bank


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Podcast: Diversity & Inclusion as a Source of Energy

Eric Pliner, CEO of YSC speaks with Nadia Nagamootoo about diversity & inclusion, institutionalized racism, inclusive leadership & much more.


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