Shelley Winter

Shelley Winter

Chief Content Officer

Shelley has over twenty years experience partnering with organizations on their leadership development, talent assessment, team effectiveness and organizational change consulting. She partners with Management teams and Executives across a range of business sectors, including Energy, Logistics, Finance, Retail, FMCG and Digital platforms. She has led a P&L, headed up YSC’s Coaching Practice and has worked in Europe and across Asia Pacific, providing a global lens to her client work. Prior to YSC, she was an Organizational Psychologist in the Air Force and worked in-house in an organizational development role. She became YSC’s first Chief Content Officer in 2020 combining her passion for designing new consulting frameworks with responding to changing client challenges with new thought leadership. She has co-created many of YSC’s frameworks, including Leadership Resilience, 4Dynamix Transition Coaching and Adaptive Mindset.

She is a deeply experienced coach, as well as a coaching mentor. She has coached and developed CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, CTO and other Executives and senior leaders with Executive potential. She is valued for her blend of constructive challenge, her perceptive insight and her ability to help leaders enhance their leadership impact and improve their stakeholder management. Knowing the significance of periods of transitions, she is also an internal sponsor and mentor to many, and a passionate parental leave coach.

Her breadth of experience can be seen in the range of published articles on the topics of resilience, team effectiveness, CEO succession and change leadership in publications such as The Agenda, CEO World and CEO Today. With her team, she launched Y Leadership, to promote YSC’s latest thinking. She has presented YSC’s Leadership Resilience framework at BPS conference in UK, and to audiences in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Madrid.

Shelley holds a MA in Psychology from University of Auckland, and a MAppSci in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney. She is a member of the NZ Psychologist Society. She holds certificates in Systemic Team Coaching and Organisational Gestalt Coaching. She completed Oxford Said Business School 21st Century leadership programme. She lives in New Zealand, where she enjoys the outdoor lifestyle with her family and has become adept at working across multiple timezones.

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