Case study

Enabling Team Effectiveness With A Top Tier Luxury Brand


Our client is an iconic luxury goods company that designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry and watches.

With a multi-generational history of recognition and respect, the luxury brand was looking to the future, establishing best practices and defining the building blocks of leadership within a rapidly changing global market.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of their team dynamics, individual work styles and partnership with the CEO, the luxury brand first asked YSC Consulting to support their Executive Team.


Individual Coaching

Starting with individual coaching sessions discussing their psychometrics and developmental feedback, the team was then brought together to understand their work styles in aggregate, with the goal of creating conditions for a future-focused team culture.

Multi-Day Off-Site

To assess team dynamics in the context of this new strategic direction, YSC conducted a comprehensive diagnostic to identify opportunities for optimizing collaboration and partnership at the most senior level of the organization. A combination of individual interviews and downwards surveys informed the facilitation of a multi-day offsite.

Assessment And Ongoing Development

The offsite was followed up with targeted, in-depth assessment and development sessions with key leaders. To ensure this updated focus was cascading into the organization, YSC then conducted a program for the next tier of leadership, consisting of 360 survey feedbacks and coaching to create comprehensive development plans and supporting identification of talent and development opportunities, in line with the business strategy.

The following year, YSC returned to implement a follow up diagnostic to identify areas of growth and stagnation one year out for the Executive Team. In a three day off-site, YSC facilitated the creation of a strategic plan that would address areas of development and enable the business to meet stretch goals. Targeting specific needs for the brand, specifically in preparation for a global review, YSC provided editorial and story coaching for leaders to frame and position new proposals for impact and buy-in.

Each member of the Executive Team then met for two coaching sessions to translate individual feedback and resilient diagnostics into development plans, as a way to track their progress against individual goals.


This multi-tiered program addressed actions senior and mid-level leaders could take to navigate with increased effectiveness in an increasingly complex marketplace and lead with intention and a focus on the future state.

The Executive Team demonstrates increased awareness, striving to align on business objectives and key decisions in concert. At the individual level, senior leaders, as well as those a tier below, have provided feedback acknowledging the support they have received and are optimistic about strides on their development areas.

Ongoing work with this client will enable follow through on goals to further optimize partnership amongst top and second tier leadership to drive new business strategy and identify and grow the next generation of leaders in line with that strategy.