Developing inclusive leadership within a multinational e-commerce company


  • Our client is an American, multinational e-commerce corporation. With the industry being increasingly dominated by large tech providers introducing new business models and services to consumers, there is a growing need for greater innovation to stay ahead.
  • For our client, attracting and retaining a diverse pool of talent presented an area of development.
  • As such, the client wanted to partner with YSC to design and deliver a DEI workshop for senior leaders that would take an action-oriented approach to change.




YSC delivered an Inclusive Leadership workshop to 10 senior leaders from across the client’s classified business group.

To ensure we gathered bespoke insight into the clients experience of DEI, we scheduled calls with each participant and used the themes from these discussions to influence the workshop design.

The main objectives of the session were to: 

  • Move from monologue to dialogue through the creation of open and honest conversations​.
  • Develop tangible actions and habits for each individual and the team.​
  • Unlock the potential of the group’s collective influence to shift culture.


  • The participants commented on the unique approach taken by focusing on conscious inclusion. Participants felt that this allowed them to personally connect with the topic through concepts such as identity and psychological safety, which were seen to be universally applicable.
  • The post-workshop calls underscored the powerful content YSC delivered, in particular around neuroscience and the power of habits.
  • YSC continues to partner with the client to deliver workshops for leaders and champions across the EMEA region, helping to build a more collective commitment to DEI.