Case study

Developing Women leaders With A Leading IT Services Company


Our client is a leading American IT services company, with a multinational presence. As part of their broader strategic aim to anticipate and respond to the worlds evolving technology needs; the client acknowledged the importance of having a talent base comprised of diverse leaders.

Having identified a shortfall in their levels of women at senior management and assistant director levels, the client set out to develop a enterprise wide program dedicated to enhancing the retention and progression of women.

The client partnered with YSC to design and deliver a workshop that would form a crucial part of the broader leadership development program.


YSC designed and delivered a 2-day in person Leadership Brand workshop for approximately 150 women leaders, across 3 regions. The workshop focused on:

  • Self-aware leadership – nuanced understanding of distinctive strengths & blind spots
  • Understanding various identities, life-work roles & stages of life
  • Displaying confidence & gravitas & challenging the status quo
  • Displaying ambition & discovering purpose
  • Building visibility, strategic relationships & networks of support
  • Integrating personal leadership with the ability to lead the business.

To measure the impact of the workshop, YSC purposed a combination of qualitative case studies, a post-workshop pulse survey and a comparative analysis of performance and leadership capability ratings, prior to the workshop and 3-6 months post-workshop.


With a number of workshops still underway in India, America and Europe, and the impact measures still to be finalised; here are some early insights from the post-workshop survey completed by participants in India.

On average participants scored the workshop content (4.2) and facilitation (4.4) highly on a 1-5 Likert scale.

“(The) most useful part was self- inspection through lifeline and FIRO-B. It gave me a reflection of myself and where I stand. This will help to set future goals and where I want to head in my leadership journey”.