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Power to fly diversity reboot summit

Power to fly diversity reboot summit

Speaking at the Power To Fly Diversity Reboot Summit, our CEO Eric Pliner shares three practical tips for leaders:

Think through the source of your morality and introspect on how you apply your moral code. Start doing this deep consideration and reflection now to avoid being blinded by the psychological biases we all carry when you’re under pressure.

Constantly survey the ethical context you are operating in by engaging with a broad and diverse range of people. If you’re surrounded with people who look, think and act like you, you won’t be seeing the full ethical picture and that will come back to bite you later.

Get really clear on who your key stakeholders are, what their expectations are of you, and whether you share those expectations.

By examining the interplay between these factors ahead of time, you’ll be better equipped to make a difficult decision the next time one inevitably arises.

You can watch the full 30-minute conversation here, and if you want to learn about this topic, check out Eric’s debut book ‘Difficult Decisions: How Leaders Make the Right Call with Insight, Integrity, and Empathy‘.

Power to fly diversity reboot summit