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Company Summary

YSC Consulting is the world’s premier independent provider of leadership strategy services. Leadership strategy is the intentional design of the individual leadership styles, the team dynamics and interactions, and the workplace culture that are most likely to enable successful achievement of an organization’s desired future state. We help organizations understand if they have the leadership they need for success, and we work with them to get there.

Our People

YSC is an eclectic group of professionals grounded in the rigor of the behavioural sciences and practical realities of commercial and organizational demands. Our consultants help organizations connect the dots between business strategy and leadership. We create a consistent experience for individuals and organizations globally, but with careful attention to the needs of the local markets and cultures where they operate.

  • We are more than 225 employees in 20 offices across 15 countries around the world.
  • Our consultants have varied professional backgrounds and hold advanced degrees and industry credentials in psychology, organizational behaviour, management, adult learning and leadership, and related fields.

What We Do

In the 30 years YSC has been practicing in the leadership development space, we have partnered with more than 50% of the FTSE 100, and nearly 20% of the global Fortune 500 to help those leaders achieve their future business strategies. Our services include:

  • CEO succession planning and board development.
  • Executive assessment and development for individual leaders.
  • High-performing team development.
  • Inclusive leadership and diversity services.
  • Services for private equity firms and portfolio companies (pre-deal, due diligence, post-deal integration and firmed-focus capability transfer).

Our Approach

YSC’s approach to leadership strategy helps organizations understand their current leadership against what they need to achieve their desired future state. We largely focus on the top five to ten percent of leaders within the organizations that we partner with globally. We bring a collaborative spirit to our work—everything that we do is done with our clients, rather than done to them. This allows for trusting relationships that go deep and effect meaningful change in the way leaders conduct themselves and evolve their organizations. Through this approach, we uncover insights that will help answer these critical questions:

  • Do you have the leadership to achieve your future business strategy?
  • If not, how can you build the leadership, interactions, and culture to drive change for the future?
  • And if you can’t, what leadership and cultural transformations will make your strategy possible?

Data Analyst Role

The Data Analyst role works with client-focused consulting teams where they are responsible for leading on data consulting in a variety of client projects. They also support the teams with analysis and reporting more generally.

Job Context & Key Responsibilities

We are recruiting for a Data Analyst based in the US. The nature of the work varies depending on client demand and business priority and will typically include the below list of key responsibilities:

  • Analytical rigour and detail orientation – comfortable with large amounts of complex data
  • Contextualising and visualising data to tell a story, translating complex analytical outputs into clear, compelling, and practical recommendations for action, within a commercial setting
  • Able to scope data collection and analytical projects with clients or third party HRIS providers on behalf of clients
  • Understanding of HR Tech industry, HRIS, ATS etc. desirable
  • Solve business problems by looking at complex sources of data and develop conclusions.
  • Streamline the collection of data, monitor efficacy, accuracy, and integrity of data collection methods
  • Recommend updates to data collection process and analysis base on up-to-date research methods and principles
  • Develop a deep understanding of YSC Way of Consulting and integrate data analytics to support clients and consultant outcomes
  • Able to easily and quickly gather cutting edge research for client work and leverages acquired knowledge and/or data to develop deep insights into clients
  • Adhoc special projects and assignments as needed


  • Exceptional attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a proven track record of building productive and influential working relationships.
  • Credible and persuasive in front of clients.
  • Excellent standards of document presentation; excellent written and oral communication.
  • Proactively improve standards of support provided.
  • Able to take initiative and make practical decisions at pace.
  • Structured and able to start with the end in mind.


  • Entrepreneurial or pioneering spirit skilled at business and client relationships.
  • Insightful, inquisitive and innovative; always thinks about what is possible.
  • Collaborative with colleagues and clients; deep curiosity about industries and client organisations.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and thinking flexibly to achieve goals.
  • Resilient, looks for ways to move work forward and strive to find the best solutions.
  • Strong learning orientation; looking to always develop and deepen content knowledge and integrate learning with experience.
  • Self-reflective; community minded. Share knowledge with colleagues to develop and grow YSC.
  • Embodies YSC core values.


  • Graduate degree or coursework in Psychology (I/O, Business, or Clinical Psychology) or Business (Organizational Behaviour/Development, Management, Human Resources, Leadership).
  • A minimum of three years applied experience working internally or consulting in the leadership field.
  • Advanced Excel skills (vlookup etc., nested functions, pivot tables). Familiarity with SPSS (or similar) including syntax writing.

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