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Does developing innovative leadership strategy solutions to unlock potential excite you? Are you passionate about leading to shape the future? Do you want to work in an environment where you can bring your full self to work? Then you belong at YSC.

We are a global leadership strategy* firm made up of a diverse and eclectic group of professionals. We are more than 225 employees in 16 countries around the world, working with global organizations, including many large iconic brands, in a wide range of industries.

*Leadership strategy is the intentional design of the individual leadership styles, the team dynamics and interactions, and the workplace culture that are most likely to enable successful achievement of an organization’s desired future state.
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Our values define how we work with each other and with our clients. This is reflected in our priorities at YSC:

  1. Build a better bedrock
  2. Bolder brand & business development
  3. Believe, Belong, Be You

The YSC Team

Our team is grounded in the rigor of the behavioural sciences and practical realities of commercial and organizational demands.

Our consultants have varied professional backgrounds, advanced degrees and industry credentials in psychology, organizational behaviour, management, adult learning, including education, social work, counselling, and more.

We are an inclusive and interconnected global team made up of appreciative and constructive individuals who start with what works, build from successes, and are future focused. Our people are eclectic and curious by nature, making us uniquely YSC.

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