Kalpana Sinha

Kalpana Sinha


Kalpana is a champion of tangible, measurable, and sustainable business transformation through building and delivering a strong people agenda. She has over thirty years of rich experience in human capital management, learning, and organization development—passionate about aligning the disciplines with business strategy.

She has worked across all human capital disciplines in both in-house Leadership and Organization Capability roles and as a management consultant. She has supported organizations from a wide range of industries and sizes on some of their toughest and most complex strategic, cultural, and leadership challenges.

She is an executive coach and trusted advisor to senior business leaders and has facilitated over 1500 workshops at senior leadership levels across the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

At YSC she is currently working on creating Equity and Inclusion in Asia by helping organizations grow local leaders. The consulting process is to help organizational cultures be ethnically inclusive, have leaders be aware of this bias, talk about it openly and take steps to address it from within the system and lead to build it ground up

She is also passionate about work in women in leadership. She has to her credit a book edited by her on Empowerment of Women in South Asia, published by AMDISA in 2001. She is a mentor at Protege business mentoring, a network that helps young women mentees to reflect on work, self and career in a way that would never be possible in either a traditional classroom or office setting. Kalpana has also been a pioneer is applying neuroscience to leadership development and change initiatives. She has a Master Certificate in neuroleadership from Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, and a Masters in management from Mumbai University, India.

Outside of work Kalpana is an accomplished watercolor artist with a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the Nanyang Academy of Fine arts in Singapore. She has exhibited in several shows across the world and paints as a way to nurture her emotional growth.

“Kalpana is a consummate professional in the field of people and organization development. She was one of Asia’s earliest practitioners of Peter Senge’s pathbreaking work on organizational learning. Always one to keep abreast of academic research and thinking, she has woven into her professional work the best ideas – the most effective as well as the most elegant – and that makes her a standout among professionals the world over. She also has a very strong customer orientation, whether the customer is an internal executive, an external client or a peer in her extensive professional network. She seeks to understand before she advises.”

Vice President,

Global Consulting Organisation

“I worked with Kalpana Sinha very closely when I was a General Manager at Microsoft to develop a High Potential (Hipo) Development Strategy and Program for technical leaders. Kalpana had an open and sincere approach to working with the Hipo Development Board and this led to the creation of a showcase program for leadership development worldwide. There is no doubt that Kalpana has a deep understanding of the principles and practices of leadership development in a complex organization and demonstrates tremendous clarity in thought and action. In all my dealings with her, Kalpana has demonstrated deep conviction and passion for her work.”

General manager,

Large technology organisation