Gregory Fernandes

Gregory Fernandes

Director, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (North America)

Greg Fernandes is a Director and North America Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for YSC. He has designed and implemented DEI and talent strategies in a variety of client systems, from pharmaceuticals to tech to retail. He brings a passion for inclusive leadership to all of his work, ensuring that his clients are continuously prioritizing their DEI efforts and linking DEI to everyday leadership actions. Beyond DEI, Greg has a passion for working with leaders around their sustainability, resilience, and potential, helping them to unlock the next level of performance for themselves.

As a coach, Greg focuses on providing his clients a psychologically safe environment to explore their challenges and push themselves out of their comfort zones. He creates rhythm and accountability throughout the coaching relationship, ensuring that his clients build their ability to prioritize their leadership development. His coaching style creates the conditions for his clients to go deep and explore their psychology, belief systems, motivations, and emotions in service of delivering sustainable change in their behavior.

Greg has been a key contributor to YSC’s offerings in the space of DEI and leadership development more broadly. He has evolved the YSC DEI Strategy consultation process and has developed offerings around leadership resilience. His work on designing holistic development programs for underrepresented talent leverages his expertise in psychology, human behavior, DEI, and organizational change.

Greg has his Master’s and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from DePaul University and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on business psychology from The Ohio State University. He has worked in leadership development over 10 years, including expertise in high-stakes leadership development in the nuclear power industry. Outside of work, Greg enjoys traveling with his husband and playing and watching sports.

“The work Greg and his team have done in helping us to build our DEI strategy has helped us to make tangible progress forward in building a more diverse and inclusive organization.”

Head of I&D,

Fortune 500

“Greg understood me better than I understood myself.”

Chief Diversity Officer,

Fortune 100