Chris Rawlinson

Chris Rawlinson

Senior Director

Chris brings a background of over 20 years’ experience in consulting, including a period living and working in New York with specialisms working in the public service, marketing and technology sectors.

Chris joined YSC in 2013. He has a passion for improving individual and collective leadership impact and in turn, business performance. Overcoming a major health scare in 2014 helped him to develop an even deeper sense of purpose and perspective. Partly through this, he brings a strong focus on the importance of self-compassion and resilience to his work and an over-riding driver of meaningful work, sustainability and positive societal impact.

Prior to joining YSC, Chris originally focused in the areas of employee engagement and organisation development. Over time he has transitioned to working with small groups and individuals and now focuses on C-suite and senior level leadership assessment and development, working with both individuals and executive teams to accelerate and lead team high performance and organisational and cultural change. Chris is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology and a degree in Social Psychology.

“Chris has transformed the way I think and approach my job. I am clear on the things that get in my way and I am learning how to deal with them. He has helped me connect with what is really important to me and how I use this grow at work and at home.”


Insurance Firm

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris; his friendly and inquisitive style is engaging, probing and always driving progress.”


Investment Management Firm