Ashley Clymo

Ashley Clymo

Consulting Team

Ashley is an Occupational Psychologist who partners with a range of global clients on their Talent and Change agendas. She is a trained assessor, working with talent teams on both cohort and ad-hoc succession requests. She enjoys working with individuals in assessments to identify their unique strengths as a leader, as well as the shifts needed to enable them to be most effective. Beyond assessment, she is a lead for multiple clients on how to identify talent systemically within organisations through utilising YSC’s JDI Model of Potential. More broadly, Ashley has a keen interest on the impact leaders have within organisations on shaping the culture. She has designed, with leaders, their organisation’s Purpose & Values and behavioural frameworks to promote a more effective and aspirational culture within the organisation.

Ashley is an AoEC accredited coach and actively coaches individuals within a variety of different sectors. She brings challenge and curiosity to the sessions to enable the individual to identify what may be holding them back from operating to the best of their capability. When coaching, she balances both her psychological skillset to uncover the shifts needed for the individual to be most effective, with an in-depth understanding of the realities of working within organisations.

Ashley’s experience beyond YSC includes working for a large management consultancy. She has experience of working with both financial services & retail clients, consulting a range of companies on how best to support their colleagues through large scale technology implementations. Her focus was primarily on change management and operating model design, using agile tools and methodologies.

Ashley has a BSc in Psychology from University College London (UCL) and completed her MSc in Organisational Psychology at City University, London. Her dissertation focused on workplace environments and measuring the level of engagement and burnout. Ashley is also trained in psychometrics such as FIRO-B, Hogan Suite, and OPQ-32 personality surveys. In her spare time Ashley is a keen traveler and enjoys socialising with friends and family.