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About us

Founded in 1990, we are a leadership consulting firm, comprised primarily of consultants with backgrounds in psychology and the behavioural sciences, working with organisations to unlock the power of their people. We have over 100 consultants operating from 20 international YSC offices.

What makes us distinctive?

Making a difference – There is much activity in our field that is worthy but which fails to deliver the impact or business benefits that are desired. We constantly evaluate and measure the efficacy and impact of our interventions in order to stay cutting edge.

Going deep – Whether it’s working with individuals, teams, or at the organisational level, we go underneath the surface to help identify what really makes people tick and behave the way they do. We look at the underlying assumptions that drive people’s behaviour, and as a consequence we achieve change that is more deeply rooted than others working in our field.

Thought leadership – We are an intellectually inquisitive and challenging firm, and we pride ourselves on developing distinctive thinking. We have developed industry leading models in all areas of our practice and have written books and published extensively. We also produce, twice yearly, our leadership magazine 'YQ', each issue focusing on an area of thought leadership ...read more.

Being genuinely global – A significant proportion of our clients want a genuinely joined up and interconnected service across their business. We are able to deliver this for our clients because we are a tightly integrated firm. We invest considerable time and effort to ensure that all of our consultants operate according to the same philosophy, understanding and benchmarks.

How you will experience us

Partnership – We see ourselves as partners, not suppliers. We build long-term relationships with clients that stand the test of time. We also believe in transferring skills, knowledge and best practice ...hear what clients say about us.

Tailored solutions – Every organisation is unique, as is our approach, which draws on over 20 years of experience working with complex and diverse organisations ...read more.

Value for money – We offer options and trade-offs to maximise your budget. We also believe in transparency and do not attach 'hidden' or 'extra' costs to our work.

Holistic – We create the links necessary to integrate our work with yours.

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