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Practical tips for the right mindset to work from home

Practical tips for the right mindset to work from home

Re-set your habits

New routine. If remote working isn’t your norm, establish a new routine for this period. This might involve replacing your commute with exercise to book end your days. Book in virtual lunches or coffee to take a break.

Workplace mindset. Keep up the basics, showering and dressing for work. Even though you may relax your appearance, the way we present ourselves physically affects the way we show up in our behaviors.

New energy management. Connecting via virtual means is a different sort of interaction. Manage your diary to optimize the right balance of calls, video conferences and independent working time. Everyone has different preferences, but ensure you allow for breaks.

Stay active. Remote working decreases our incidental exercise. Ensure you are moving during the day, and where possible set yourself exercise goals across your week.

Set yourself up

Tech confidence. If you haven’t had the opportunity to develop your tech skills, reach out to a colleague or IT to boost your skills to increase your efficiency and be confident in using collaborative platforms. Do not try to muddle your way through.

Boundaries. Discuss and agree with your family or house members regarding important VC or calls to minimize your stress.

Create workable space. Set up an appropriate physical work space with good lighting and a supportive chair. If you have enough space, create alternative places to move to at different times of the day to add variety.

End point. Ensure your day has an end point – you can use different activities to switch off such as creative interests, mindfulness or exercise.

Experiment and learn

Things will go wrong. Accept that you are doing something new now, and there will be times when you do not get your routine right or you’re not at your best in a virtual meeting. Pause to learn and do it differently next time.

Plan and prioritize. Set small clear daily goals for yourself. It is easy to get absorbed in calls and emails. Giving yourself tangible objectives will help you to manage your time better.

Stay connected. Learn from others as they are also adjusting. In global organizations, different regions will be in different phases – reach out and seek advice.

Share learnings with your teams. Containing our workplace to our home space, limits the variety in our day. Share your ideas to keep each other fresh, and add humor where appropriate.

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Practical tips for the right mindset to work from home