Case study

Coaching And Development Of A Founder-Led Asset


Eight weeks after close, YSC engaged with a technology portfolio company to support the founder CEO to build a championship team who could deliver on their aggressive growth strategy. With a focus on M&A, the CEO and team were challenged to scale the business and reach the desired multiple while simultaneously maintaining the legacy culture and values that had enabled them to be successful thus far. YSC took a high-touch approach to deeply understand the individual and team dynamics at play, partnering with the CEO, management team and deal team to optimize ways of working, build strong relationships through the engagement model and plan for succession.


To deliver on the investment thesis, the CEO sought out new talent for the management team, resulting in a turnover of over 50% in the first year. As an effective new team, they needed to re-establish what it meant to be a team, how they should work together and what processes were needed to encourage collaboration. In addition, the CEO was struggling to build trust with the new team members who did not share the same level of institutional knowledge.

  • Individual leadership assessments for selection and development
  • Executive onboarding and transition coaching for all new management team members
  • CEO coaching and stakeholder feedback
  • Stakeholder interviews and profiles of success for the CEO and management team members
  • Top team acceleration, including aggregate profiles, facilitated team sessions and team observations
  • Marked improvement in team effectiveness ratings against high-performing teams’ model
  • Accelerated onboarding by aligning new team members with their line managers and peers and gathering pulse feedback
  • Delegated decision-making from CEO to management team members
  • Documented success criteria for CEO successor to lead the organization post exit

“Thank you for getting us focused and unblocked. We’re now marching toward a common, achievable goal.”

Management Team Member