Case study

Building Capability In Investors Through Programmatic Development


YSC was engaged by a large-cap PE firm to conduct a global, firm-wide leadership development program for their senior partners and executive leaders. The firm started working with YSC to conduct assessments for portfolio company leaders and felt partners should “practice what they preach” across their portfolio. By developing leadership ability to deliver the sponsor’s goals, they would be more credible and better able to position leadership development assessments with portfolio company leaders.


The PE firm had developed two specific goals – to have three female partners before 2022 and to become a top decile performer. YSC was asked to provide leadership support and insights to all partners globally across the firm. The objective was to increase self-awareness about personal styles and team impact, and to provide guidance on how to work more effectively together.

  • A CEO coaching intervention, raising awareness of their style, approach and impact as leaders
  • Development program for all global partners, including online assessments, deep individual interviews, and feedback
  • Team coaching for each partner’s team, including facilitated team sessions
  • Analytic study of whole population, assessing collective strengths and development areas with the view to increase the level of diversity
  • Aggregated partner profile, illuminating the implications for reaching the 2022 objectives.
  • Measurably improved team dynamics, awareness and team effectiveness through identification of development opportunities.
  • Increased level of inclusion across the firm.
  • Programmatic and proactive development and succession planning for senior leadership.