Case study

Board Effectiveness With A Portfolio Company Of A Top Ten Global PE Firm


Investment thesis centered on the continued digitalization, category expansion and scaling of the business. The core business creates value by acting as a hub for recruitment activity for a large company through different advertising/engagement models. The next stage in the strategic journey was to evolve the business from a series of service lines into an integrated portal-based recruitment solution.

Keynote Findings
  • Chair (Investor) acting as Executive Chair. CEO collusion with Chair at the cost of little to no strategic dialogue with other members of the Board.
  • Evolving priorities as result of generative conversation between Chair and CEO meant that organizational priorities were shifting too frequently. Management team was overstretched and unclear on mandate as a consequence.
  • Diversity issues: relevance to market/ customer base, divergent opinion and deep expertise in the digitalization agenda lacking from board dialogue.
  • Role clarity exercise for Chair and CEO.
  • Recommendation for external hire to Chair seat.
  • Recruitment of two independent NEDs with digital experience.

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