Case study

Analyzing CEO Effectiveness


YSC conducted a research study of 70 CEOs across our client’s portfolio with the aim to identify the key traits that differentiate high performance. By analyzing YSC data collected during assessments (e.g., psychometric profiles, potential and leadership capability ratings) alongside individual performance data provided by the PE firm, YSC identified five key skills and behaviors that differentiate successful CEOs from the rest.


Having the right CEO is key for the success of a portfolio company, but what do successful CEOs look like, and how does the role differ in corporate vs. PE backed companies? The PE firm needed to make faster, more accurate talent decisions regarding CEOs they invested in and placed.

  • Individual leadership assessments for selection and development
  • Aggregate and correlational analyses to identify predictors of success
  • CEO profile of success
  • Identified the key skills and characteristics that differentiate top performing CEOs in the portfolio
  • Increased predictive validity regarding hiring decisions
  • Accelerated on-boarding of newly placed CEOs, decreasing time to performance
  • More robust and frequent performance ratings