Reaping the Rewards of Retention

Retaining senior women in investment roles in the Private Equity industry: an in-depth study of the challenges and solutions.

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Leadership strategies that deliver impact

YSC Consulting partners with organizations around the world to identify and develop the leadership styles, interpersonal and team dynamics, and total cultures that enable successful, sustained delivery of commercial and organizational performance.

YSC Consulting is the world’s premier independent provider of leadership strategy services.

We have partnered with more than 50% of the FTSE 100, and nearly 20% of the Global Fortune 500 to help leaders achieve their future business strategies. Through this partnership, leaders and organizations more mindfully, purposefully and intentionally make judgments, direct their drive and extend their influence to create transformational change.

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YSC partners with organizations to assess and develop the leadership needed to achieve their desired future state.

We help clients build leadership for the future. Through collaborative partnerships, we bring an independent perspective to generate actionable commercial insights rooted in behavioral science and methodology.


At YSC we combine the psychology of change, the power of purpose and leadership strategy expertise to take your teams on a journey of growth and adaptation.

We facilitate your team’s alignment with the business strategy to deliver results together, lead change in the organization and leverage the power of a team.


While company culture is often thought of as intangible, YSC’s leadership strategy services shed light on the dominant behaviors that are shaping the culture, either intentionally or not.

These insights will help you understand what is driving your culture, and how to make conscious shifts to create a culture that attracts the type of leadership that will propel your organization forward.


Understanding your organizational culture is a key element of leadership strategy. When intentionally shifting company culture, we recommend five fundamental considerations so your culture can enable your strategy.

How to retain women in senior positions in private equity

The Private Equity industry is in a better position than it has ever been to retain female professionals. But, why does progress remains slow?
Retaining senior women in investment roles in the Private Equity industry: an in-depth study of the challenges and solutions.
Getting CEO Succession right, and how to overcome natural biases to choose the CEO which optimizes true value for your Board and organization.
Reactions to culture change, even negative ones, are natural, human, and always insightful.

What our clients say

“The team at YSC has helped facilitate more candid and transparent conversations within our organization about an individual’s future potential and development. This partnership is instrumental as Nestlé Waters continues its efforts to reduce unconscious bias and increase diversity in talent management.”

Head of Human Resources, Nestlé Waters

“Working with YSC has been by far the most valuable development experience that I have had. I think this was the right conversation with the right person at the right time, and I have found it immensely valuable in focusing and driving not just my development plan, but also my career decisions. Not coincidentally, I also really enjoyed the experience.”

Participant in High-Potential Leadership Development Program, Standard Life

“I have found the YSC development planning process and their coaching to be one of the most valuable leadership interventions I have done in my career. I am very much looking forward to the next step in this process.”

CEO, Beverage Industry

“Over the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the YSC team on our diversity, inclusion and belonging work. At the heart of this is leadership, and the individuals at YSC truly understand how to meet the leaders where they are and then build challenging, thoughtful and tailored programs that challenge each individual to grow.

They are creative and focused on our needs, and while they share great practices from other companies, they never expect us to just pick something off the shelf.”

CHRO, Nordstrom

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