Consulting Team (EMEA)

Vida recently joined YSC bringing with her a strong background in neuroscience and coaching. She received her doctorate in neuroscience on the topic of neuroplasticity and learning at the University of Zurich. Witnessing the potential of the brain to change, she developed a passion for helping people learn and develop. In 2014 Vida became a certified professional coach at iPec and worked with a wide variety of international clients, helping them unleash their potential. In 2017 she got the ICF ACC accreditation and became a Neurolinguistic Coach®.

Vida blends her empowering, transformational and effective approach with a variety of science-based methods to achieve results with her clients. She writes and speaks on how to increase potential, creativity and productivity through applying insights from brain research, being led by the passion to help people create the right conditions to thrive and express their talent. Being fascinated by languages and cultures, and having lived abroad, she is fluent in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Croatian.