Leadership Potential Global Senior Solutions Architect

Josie is driven to combine her psychological insight and commercial acumen to survey business challenges and help employees thrive. She is particularly passionate about using the latest psychological research and methods to increase individuals’ and organisations’ understanding of how and why we operate. Her work focuses on applied behavioural and organisational research, coaching and executive assessment. She brings a background of 8 years’ experience in change management consulting, including within the Financial Conduct Authority’s Behavioural Economics and Data Science Unit. Josie holds a First Class Honours MA degree in Psychology from Regents University and a Psychotherapy and Counselling qualification from WPL. She also has an MA in Business Management from City University and a BA in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin. Outside work, Josie enjoys the visual arts (painting, design and fashion) and time spent with friends and family (preferably outdoors). She lives in London with her partner.