Alexander Morton

Consulting Team (Americas)

Alex assesses, coaches, and develops C-suite individuals in Fortune 100 companies and guides Leadership Strategy. He has particular expertise in helping leaders operate in new ways to drive transformation, navigate complexity, and accelerate readiness for additional responsibility. His work with individuals and teams is informed by 20+ years of experience leading global Talent & Organizational Development for top performing companies. Alex blends insight into organizational dynamics with psychology and broad experience helping executives apply new approaches to inspire followers.  His background includes work with leaders on five continents and in a range of sectors and structures including CPG, industrial B2B, Retail, and Hospitality in public and private portfolio companies.

Alex earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Bates College and has since been immersed in developing empowered, outperforming organizations from within while noting numerous pitfalls and forces working against these outcomes.  This led him to drive a series of innovations in executive selection and leader development focused on increased inclusion, authenticity, values-alignment, and intentional responsibility in the C-suite for engagement and culture.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys coaching soccer, racing bicycles in the mud, sailing, and seeing live jazz and opera.