Purpose, Vision and Values

In and of itself, employee engagement isn’t enough to inspire a performance culture. Individual feelings of ownership and loyalty and the desire to produce results for the organisation are driven far further by an invigorating, shared sense of meaning and purpose. As featured in our pioneering book Meaning Inc. – as well as our diagnostic tools, workshops, trainings of trainers, and more – organisational leaders can foster the clarity of purpose, genuinely-lived values, and performance-enabling culture that deliver sustained outcomes and improvements over time.

Diversity and Inclusion

We don’t believe in Diversity and Inclusion. We do believe in creating diverse and inclusive cultures. You might ask what’s the difference? We think it’s enormous. In the past few years, Diversity and Inclusion has been saturated with bold statements from CEOs and thousands of workshops for senior leaders. And very little has changed. That’s because none of this has been linked to business and leadership strategy. Yes, there’s been the ‘business case’ for D&I but it has been generic in its articulation. If you want to develop a leadership strategy that ensures you don’t miss out on the talent you need for the future, and which differentiates you from your competitors, call us. We’ll work with you to figure out the diversity you really need. And to develop the leadership that unleashes its potential.

Identifying Potential

The difference between expectations of today’s leaders and tomorrow’s leaders is the timing. And the organisational strategy. And the competitive landscape, the technology, the consumer profile, and more. How can you identify leaders with the greatest potential to succeed tomorrow when the context will undoubtedly be so different from today? Widely considered one of the most coherent, accessible, and effective approaches in the marketplace, YSC’s research-based JDI Model includes technology-enabled diagnostics; a suite of tools and training resources; and the ability to integrate with internal leadership frameworks and culture to maximize the key components of successful, sustained future leadership.