Executive Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful growth accelerator, unlocking potential and bolstering talent within an organization. YSC Consulting’s executive coaches are experts in change management with a deep understanding of behavioral sciences. We partner closely with the individual and the leadership of the organization to ensure progress is in alignment with future business strategies. We work with our clients to challenge unhelpful behaviors and bring more productive ones to the surface using leadership benchmarks to measure impact and provide ongoing support so enable sustainable development.

Leadership Programs

YSC Consulting’s leadership programs are designed with your organization’s desired future state in mind. We work to understand short-, medium- and long-range business strategies, and build a leadership program tailored to your organizational context. We work with you to co-create a programmatic solution by which we can measure impact of how individuals bring out the best in team members and how they foster a future-focused culture of inclusion, leadership, performance and growth.

Building Capability

Not every leader is a natural when it comes to holding tough performance conversations, interviewing and assessing talent, minimizing cognitive bias, coaching others and leading breakthrough teams. YSC Consulting can help you build these skills among your leadership team and co-create lasting solutions that are in alignment with your operational context and future business strategies. We also customize capability transfer workshops that let you internalize learnings, making them part of your leadership team and allowing you to build lasting capability in-house.