Leadership Assessment

Whether making a key appointment or developing a critical leader in their current role, organisations have a stake in understanding their people and prospects in rich depth. Via an insightful, supportive, and challenging experience, participants reflect on life and career history, the development of an individual leadership signature, key strengths, and opportunities for growth – with an eye to the future. The result is an accurate, independent, commercial, and psychological read on the leader in the context of the business and its strategy, all through a meaningful experience that is done with rather than to them.

Leadership Benchmarking

Leaders often ask us: how do my people compare to their peers in the market? Our breadth and depth of expertise means that we can provide meaningful benchmarking comparisons across functions, sectors, geographies and levels of seniority. We systematically gather validated insights from our in-depth assessments to build up our extensive benchmarking database, instead of relying on CV analysis or market surveys. We also help organisations define what is needed for leaders to be successful in the future rather than simply comparing individuals to people in similar roles.

Talent Assessment

Many of our clients need insights into their people below the executive layer, so that they can identify and support the leaders of tomorrow. We have developed a range of robust, sophisticated assessment solutions, that combine rigour, accuracy and a high quality of experience, with the need to be cost-effective relative to the seniority and size of a population. We help you to ensure that there are common standards and methodology across your organisation in the area of assessment, and we provide consulting and training support to enable you to bring skills in-house.