Leadership Intelligence

When it comes to talent and leadership, how do you really know what you’ve got? And how do you know that it’s working? YSC’s dedicated Insights team consists of specialists in Leadership Analytics, adept at working with a variety of quantitative and qualitative data to understand what really makes a difference. We partner with our clients to turn assessment and performance data into workable intelligence that helps them to build a strong, diverse pipeline – all in service of their organisational and commercial strategies.

360 Feedback

Whether through interviews or a survey, 360-degree feedback is one of the easiest ways to gather data on an individual or team’s impact, performance, and leadership brand. Because it’s one of the easiest, though, it can also be one of the laziest; getting high quality developmental feedback is harder than it looks! To ensure that your leaders get the most from a feedback process, we draw on expertise in designing interview-based and online survey instruments, with a suite of offerings that includes off-the-shelf options and customization capability to match your competencies and culture.


Individual and team understanding is enhanced with psychometric profiles; they can cast a useful spotlight on styles, needs, and preferences. YSC’s philosophy of using these tools is light-touch; we don’t use psychometrics to label or diagnose. Instead, we integrate a core set of proprietary instruments plus industry-leading, research-based psychometrics into our processes as conversation starters, supporting data, and openings for reflection and challenge. We recognise that your leaders are far more complex than a four-letter code, a colour, or a “type” methodology might suggest; we use psychometrics to add nuance to stories, not to tell them on their own.