Board Effectiveness

The best Boards move beyond governance to establish working dynamics that create conditions for organisational, strategic, and commercial success. We understand the essential relationships and responsibilities that Board members hold, know how to maximize the effectiveness of the Board’s interactions, and can articulate the practical actions that enable Boards to get the best from the leadership team. We draw on sharp executive facilitation and distinctive individual and team coaching to elicit and resolve the underlying issues that inhibit healthy Board dynamics.

CEO Succession

With competing inputs from every direction – shareholders, media, the current CEO, search partners, prospective internal candidates, its own members, and more – determining CEO succession is one of the Board’s most critical and complex decisions. We understand that prior experience is not necessarily the best predictor of future performance, and help Boards to identify the critical leadership capability necessary for successful implementation of the organisation’s next-chapter strategy. Drawing on academic research and extensive professional practice, our advisory reduces the effect of psychological bias and organizational pressure to help the Board to make the best decision for the business.

Top Team Effectiveness

Having the right leaders in the right roles is only the first step towards exemplary performance. Successful organisational leadership isn’t just about amassing a collection of strong individuals, but about how they maximize their impact by working together. Since leadership teams no longer organise or operate in predictable ways, we identify the unique positions that team members inhabit as they drive transformational growth together. Using our proprietary Change Team Leadership Profile, we help executive teams to perform successfully, integrate new members, and become high-functioning drivers of change.