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YSC Consulting is the world’s premier independent provider of leadership strategy services. Leadership strategy is the intentional design of the individual leadership styles, the team dynamics and interactions, and the workplace culture that are most likely to enable successful achievement of an organization’s desired future state. We help organizations understand if they have the leadership they need for success, and we work with them to get there.

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YSC is an eclectic group of professionals grounded in the rigor of the behavioural sciences and practical realities of commercial and organizational demands. Our consultants help organizations connect the dots between business strategy and leadership. We create a consistent experience for individuals and organizations globally, but with careful attention to the needs of the local markets and cultures where they operate.

  • We are more than 225 employees in 20 offices across 15 countries around the world.
  • Our consultants have varied professional backgrounds and hold advanced degrees and industry credentials in psychology, organizational behaviour, management, adult learning and leadership, and related fields.

Learning & Development Specialist Role

The Digital & Data Solutions team are looking for an L&D professional who can support them in their goal of building digital and data capabilities within YSC.  The role will involve setting a learning strategy for these capabilities, leading the design and creation of engaging digital learning content, and embedding ongoing measurement and evaluation.  A large focus will be on building out the learning programme for our digital platform, which covers technical competence as well as broader digital and data capabilities, such as understanding of data analytics, developing a data-driven mindset, and selling technology-enabled solutions.  We are looking for someone with a future-focus who can drive a culture of continuous learning and development.


Primary responsibilities would include:

  • Set L&D Strategy for Digital and Data capabilities:
    • Assess current digital and data capabilities within YSC.
    • Create L&D strategy that drives a culture of continuous learning.
    • Liaise with other teams (Content, People) and contribute to the centralised capability building calendar.


  • Ownership of L&D Content:
    • Understand the core workstreams with DDS and identify current and future development needs related to these.
    • Apply the latest learning theory and research to content creation.
    • Design and facilitate learning interventions including blended learning and self-directed solutions.
    • Use digital tools to create flexible and innovative learning content, that engages all audiences within YSC, but with a focus on our consulting population.
    • Maintain, update and refresh existing content proactively in response to feedback or changing requirements.
    • Create compelling communication content to engage and excite learners.
    • Identify opportunities to leverage content to create client-facing training materials where relevant.


  • Measurement & Evaluation:
    • Embed measurement and evaluation into all L&D activity.
    • Set clear learning objectives and outcomes and identify methods to assess against these.
    • Monitor ongoing effectiveness and provide regular reporting on progress.


It is likely that the successful candidate will have:

  • Strong communication skills, including written and verbal communication.
  • Ability to write about technical and complex concepts in a concise, simple and accessible manner.
  • Presentation and facilitation skills, with experience of virtual delivery.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the latest adult learning theory and research.
  • Ability to work with a range of global stakeholders at all levels of the organization.
  • Project management and organizational skills, including independently managing projects and providing reporting in line with requirements.
  • Advanced capability in technical tools relevant to the role (e.g. Office 365, SharePoint, LMS).
  • Reflective of our entrepreneurial and flexible ways of working, we will be thoughtful of ways to flex the specifics of the role for the right candidate.
  • Desirable: Experience of working within an L&D function in a global consulting firm.


Please note that as part of the application process for this role, we will be asking you to provide an example of your writing style. Further instructions will be provided upon receipt of your CV.

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