Snigdha Nautiyal

Snigdha Nautiyal


Snigdha brings twenty-six years of industry experience in team integration, executive coaching with C Suite leaders, assessment for hi potential talent acceleration and designing and delivering strategic leadership development roadmaps. Her consulting work spans globally, across Fortune 500 companies from industries like Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Pharma, Media, IT, ITES and Public Sector organizations. She is involved in working with the Private Equity space, working with large cap funds. Her area of work has focused on supporting portfolio management teams for accelerating effectiveness and impact as well as deal partners to do firm focused work on creating value addition for the portfolio companies. As a leadership consultant, designing interventions around team effectiveness, culture transformation and diversity and inclusion are a special area of inquiry for her. She integrates her background in clinical psychology, leadership assessment tools and human process work with the business and commercial imperatives to create transformational agenda for the organization. She is particularly passionate coaching leaders for role transition, re-structuring for the business and building legacy as a leader and teams for high impact.

Stylistically, she is insightful, business-focused and collaborative in building relationships with clients to allow for co-creation and authenticity of dialogue. She pushes the envelope for gaining insights for personal and business transformational agenda.

She co-authored a paper for a leading human resources academic journal on “The distinctiveness of Indian Leaders in the Global Landscape (2021)”, exploring psychological qualities and manifest leadership capabilities that Indian leaders bring to global organizations using the YSC model of potential. She also held a webinar for India based clients on “Engaging with polarities in uncertain times” (2021) to offer a POV on nature of polarities that exist in founder led organizations.

Snigdha holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is an ICF certified Coach. She holds certifications in various psychometric and leadership assessment tools. Outside of work she has been running a chain of successful breakfast cafes and is keenly interested in experimenting with new cuisines.

“Snigdha was able to create a safe environment for me to reflect upon and challenge myself as a leader. Pushing me to explore my assumptions and how they were preventing me to experiment with my style, allowed me to articulate my value-add to the role and the business more confidently. At a time when we needed to have a clear direction for expansion, I was able to successfully build a vision with my team and chart a course of action. I found her emotionally supportive when I was struggling to translate some of my insights into actionable plans and worked with me take a chance on myself.”

MD, Philippines,

Portfolio Company of Large Cap global PE firm

“The time I took over the CEO role, coaching with Snigdha helped me think through priorities for transition. The business was recovering from a challenging period and thinking of high pace growth was critical. I was able to build a vision for the business and establish my credibility with the key stakeholders. She helped me understand and integrate perspectives from different stakeholders to navigate through the complexity and scope of the business. Her ability to challenge and push me out of my comfort zone allowed me to take some bold steps which I had hesitated on in earlier role.”

CEO, India,

Engineering Manufacturing Company