Sarayu Sankar

Sarayu Sankar

Analyst Team

Sarayu uses data to scratch below the surface and understand how leaders lead, teams work together, and organizations operate. Drawing from multiple sources, she translates raw data into meaningful insights rooted in the client context.

Sarayu’s interest in and understanding of the human experience and by extension, team and organization behavior, enable her to cut through the noise, get to the heart of an issue, and collaborate in developing solutions that meet diverse and changing client needs.

As a result, she seamlessly works with organizations across industries—such as Technology, Pharmaceutical, Food Services, Luxury Fashion, and Private Equity—on a variety of workstreams including team effectiveness, leadership strategy, CEO succession, organization culture, and DEI.

Outside work, she is either challenging herself by learning a new language or skill, deepening her meditation practice, or dreaming about hiking national parks.