Sarah Oremland

Sarah Oremland

Consulting Team

Sarah comes to YSC with fifteen years of experience as both a talent and organizational effectiveness consultant and clinical social worker. She possesses a unique mix: the results and outcome focus of a former sales leader, empathetic and active listening as a trained social worker, and the problem-solving and creativity of a consultant. Sarah is an executive coach and assessor who drives measurable, sustainable growth by partnering closely with individuals and their organizations to drive change, improve individual and team performance, and unleash the natural strengths of talent within an organization. She has experience across industries, including consumer goods, pharmaceutical, financial services, private equity, life sciences, gaming, professional services, and SaaS.

Sarah is an expert in supporting leaders through transitions to new leadership roles or those with greater scope, focusing on coaching on influence, personal purpose, stakeholder management, and team dynamics. She cares deeply about supporting executives to build inclusive, purposeful environments where teams and individuals feel deep connection to their work and organizations alongside a sense of belonging. Through her empathetic and future-focused coaching style, leaders are able to make transformational shifts in their leadership as they’re both challenged and heard.

Sarah has a B.S. Sociology and Fine Arts from Bates College and received her Masters of Social Work from University of Chicago- School of Social Service Administration. In 2021, she was featured on the podcast Inspiring Women with Laurie McGraw and enjoys speaking to a number of women-led and underrepresented groups on effective leadership and team dynamics.

Outside of work, Sarah maximizes for time spent outdoors – hiking, biking, camping, skiing, and traveling to see the beauty of the world. She is also a painter in her spare time. She lives near Denver, Colorado with her husband and young daughter.

“In all my years of doing business and working with various coaches and consultants throughout that time, there have only been a few times that someone has changed my philosophy. Many coaches come in, they give you advice, they solve a problem, they give you a fish but don’t teach you to fish and then walk away. I went through many ah-hah moments with Sarah that fundamentally made me rethink a part myself and my organization.”

Chief People Officer,

Fortune 300 SAAS company

“The way in which we explored how to use the results from the assessment process and furthermore, our work done through ongoing coaching turned me into a believer. I began to see how important it is to not judge a person just by their number or even their past performance, but rather to look at our people in a multidimensional way so that what you want out of the individual aligns with their natural talents. This gave me a new lens to look at my team, it reshaped how I will forever think about our people in the future, it enforces us to think beyond the number, and most importantly helped me to find the balance I was seeking in work and life.”

Chief Revenue Officer,

Fortune 500 Real Estate Firm