Robert Sharrock

Robert Sharrock

Managing Director, Board & CEO Advisory Practice

Robert successfully led YSC through five years of sustained growth, including in 2017 its second MBO in partnership with Graphite Capital. In 2019 he transitioned into a purely client-facing role as head of YSC’s Board & CEO Advisory Practice.

Presently, Robert works closely with senor leaders in some of the world’s leading companies, providing advice grounded in behavioral sciences, trusting relationships and his own experience.  He understands the judgments faced by businesses about leadership are often more complex than even the most taxing financial matters. He – along with his colleagues – bring rigour and perspective to critical decisions, in which insight is combined with real developmental impact.

Robert’s interest in executive coaching led him to initiate YSC’s practice in this area.  He currently acts as a coach and advisor with CEO’s, chairs and senior executives stepping into the role of CEO; and has previously worked as an advisor to the coach of two Premiership football teams.

Robert has an MA in Psychology from the University of Oxford (1981) and an MPhil in Clinical Psychology (1985). He joined YSC in 1994 after early work with Arthur Andersen, lecturing in psychology at London University and five years with Ashridge Business School. He’s married with four children, whose ages range from 33 to 3, and believes, perhaps naively, that this keeps him young. His interests include learning the guitar, football, cooking and running.