Phil Whichello

Phil Whichello

Senior Director

With nearly 30 years’ experience in industry and consulting, today Phil leads YSC’s European division of our Private Equity strategic business unit. He is an advisor to some of the largest global private equity firms and their partners, accelerating their value creation through a direct, incisive and pragmatic approach. Drawing on his international commercial experience with Unilever, his learning from leadership consulting across a wide range of organizations in a variety of industries, and his own leadership successes and mishaps, he is an authentic partner with his clients who conveys confidence that together they will find solutions which will secure commercial advantage.

When it comes to leadership, Phil believes amongst other things that it derives from, and is based on, the quality of relationships and conversations that are co-created in an organisational system. Consequently, he is particularly interested in helping people, teams and organizations to find their authentic voice and purposeful approach to whatever they are seeking to achieve, without judgement or attachment to how they ‘should’ be.

In recent years with YSC, he has set-up a managed executive coaching service for a FTSE-20 company, led YSC’s global coaching practice, and was on the European Leadership Team as Head of Clients. He has written several thought pieces, including one on how transforming organizations isn’t about ‘doing’ change if we want the change to stick, and one on how to lead well in an environment of scrutiny.

Professionally, he is a chartered occupational psychologist and a registered practitioner psychologist, an ICF accredited coach, and a registered psychotherapist. This combination means Phil is comfortable going deep to understood the underlying causes of behaviour, and can use this insight to find tangible, practical solutions. Personally, his interest in healthy living means he is regularly asked by his two teenage sons for hacks that will help them do better at school for less effort. Not that they then seemingly pay any attention to what he says!

“Phil is awesome. This was a journey of discovery for me, and Phil allowed me to work out the puzzle for myself. With his support and friendship I was able to finally solve my workplace conundrum. Looking back, I can only now fully appreciate his impact. Without Phil I suspect that this riddle would have remained unsolved.”

Divisional CEO,


“Phil has worked with me through this process and I have loved every minute. I feel like he's 'on my side' but constantly pushing me to challenge myself. The conclusions we've reached have constantly surprised me but I feel our work is authentic to me, which is incredibly important. I'm immensely grateful for his insight and support through the process.”


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