Ning An

Ning An


Ning has an overall 18 years of experience as both an in-house professional and business owner. He has work for prestigious global companies in the tech, gaming and real estate sectors. Ning has accumulated solid experience in interpreting business needs to leadership strategy, focusing on leadership development, succession planning and organization transformation. In his previous role he was on the global leadership transformation team, where he walked his organization through the diversity and inclusion campaign, reshape of culture, and organizational transformation journey. As the Head of Talent Management, he established the company’s leadership staircase and solutions from scratch, built up a 40 person internal trainer team and developed hundreds of leaders from the front line to the General Manager level across the Asia Pacific Region.

Aside from corporate experience, Ning pursued an entrepreneurial journey to make an even more direct impact on the business and customers. Ning co-founded a start-up retailing company in 2017. As the CXO (Chief Experience Officer), Ning developed both customer and employee experience strategies. He piloted the digitalization operation model for both online and offline customers. Fascinated by the power of story, he co-founded a non-profit organization in 2012 dedicated to the public storytelling of change-makers. He collaborates with the top universities, MBA schools, government authorities and companies in China providing storytelling training, coaching, and stage performance services. He has coached hundreds of individuals not only for storytelling, but also for personal development as a self-leader both in work and life.

Ning believes leadership is a born nature equally seeded for everyone and can awaken under certain conditions. He is motivated to co-create those conditions such as trust, courage, growth mindset, feedback, and reflection, etc. with his client. As a coach, Ning is sharp, calm, caring, and fun. He is energetic and courageous to create a journey that both parties never been to. He takes the opportunity to deep dive with his coaching counter-party to shape a better version of themselves.

Ning holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a Bachelor, Civil Engineering, from Donghua University. He is certified for Hogan, DISC Psychometric tools. He is certified Coach from ICF, Master Trainer for IKEA Asia Pacific Region. Out of work, Ning is a part-time photographer on the street. He is curious to see this world from different perspectives. Being at “this moment” is his life philosophy. He also enjoys cooking a lot. Food for him is the easiest way to perceive culture and diversity. If the weather allows, he usually shows up on the outdoor basketball court.

“Ning brings a unique opportunity for me to deep dive my potential to engage and influence more people in China and the US. I am cheerful about the fruitful findings based on his inspiring questions. He helps me to re-energize for an even bigger impact.”

China CEO,

Leading pharmaceutical company

“Ning is full of energy to invite me for a journey I have never been to, which is wonderful and meaningful. I feel I am recharged after coaching session with him. He is fun and deeply connected with me. Most importantly, I have more awareness of my leadership purpose now.”

China HRD,

Global information solution company