Neil Grant

Neil Grant


Neil is a strategist and execution focused coach and mentor to executive leadership. He has proven success in optimizing organizational effectiveness, talent differentiation and development, as well as driving positive corporate change globally. His expertise in design, implementation, and management of talent and leadership development strategy, has accelerated employee motivation, engagement, and experience while building enterprise-wide capability, potential, and performance in many organizations.

He is frequently engaged to develop strategic plans and employee engagement activities that support business enterprises. He challenges the status quo and always looks for innovative solutions to business challenges. As a coach, Neil listens to, challenges and provokes exploration of mindset shifts so that executives can become better leaders for themselves and others. His approach is to build a trusting relationship, inquire curiously, share insightful feedback, be a candid advocate, inspire deep reflection, and champion breakthrough change. 

Neil has held senior executive interim roles as Head of Talent, Leadership Development, and Learning with organizations in the energy, financial services, telecommunications, professional services, aerospace, and consumer goods sectors. He has worked internationally across four continents. 

Neil authored a book on interim leadership “Rise of the Gig Leaders” and is particularly passionate about the diversification of employment strategies in the world of work.

He is a keen lover of sports, nature, and food. 

Neil brought significant wisdom and experience, helping us deliver important work in a period of tremendous change. Neil’s skills and expertise beyond learning, particularly in talent management, OD, performance management and coaching were also important factors in his effectiveness.


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Neil combines the art and science of people development in a uniquely effective manner than most. He understands the rigor of research and strategy and the practicality of execution.


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