Mollie Ritcher

Mollie Ritcher

Operations Team

Mollie joined the operations team at YSC in April 2023. Before this she worked as a coordinator in the entertainment industry and at various academic institutions. At YSC she supports a number of consultants in day-to-day activities from diary management to project coordination to team building. Her interest in people and organisational management, as well as in psychology, brought her to this position and she has vastly enjoyed her time so far.

Originally from the United States, she moved to London in 2019 to pursue a Masters in Business Management. After completing this she secured an additional Masters in Entertainment Law. Both these degrees gave her a diverse outlook on how businesses, individuals, and organisations function. She is excited to have been able to bring this experience to her team at YSC.

In her spare time Mollie enjoys reading, roller skating, and having dinners with close friends. Additionally, she hopes to continue her expat journey and to stay in London for the foreseeable future.’