Laura Enger

Laura Enger

Consulting Team

Laura is an experienced leadership development consultant, who has worked across a range of industries, including banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, law, manufacturing, energy, and health, as well as the public sector and regulatory agencies. Laura has partnered with leaders at the C-suite and general management level on a range of interventions designed to enhance performance, from organizational diagnostics to team interventions to individual coaching work. 

Laura brings an empathic and supportive approach to her coaching engagements, along with depth of insight and an emphasis on supporting leaders to harness their strengths. Her attentive, non-judgmental approach enables her coaching counterparts to openly share their challenges and reflect honestly on what gives them their strength and energy as a leader, and where they need to work harder at to increase their impact.

Laura has a Masters of Organizational Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Career Development, along with deep expertise in psychometric assessments. She is a registered Organizational Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Organizational Psychologists. Prior to joining YSC, Laura worked in organizational psychology consulting, specializing in assessment for selection and development purposes at middle to senior levels of the organization. She has also held an internal Organizational Development role, and worked in research roles at the University of Melbourne and Australian Council for Educational Research. 

Laura is based in Melbourne, Australia. Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and playing netball. 

Laura invested time to deeply understand the wider context of our business; what we are working to change and what is required of me as a leader. She helped me to examine who I am as a leader within this context and helped me to recognise how my strengths uniquely position me to challenge some of the historic culture challenges we are seeking to overcome. I have a stronger sense now of what I can achieve here.

Regional Manager,

Emergency Services

What I appreciated most about Laura as a coach was her willingness to act as a sounding board for my thinking. She created space for me to explore options, test ideas and logically think through my options, without feeling forced down a particular path. Her questioning helped me to arrive at my own conclusions, while testing my assumptions along the way.

General Manager,

Digital Marketing