Joslyn McCray

Joslyn McCray

Operations Team

Joslyn McCray joined YSC in February 2022. She works in the New York City office as a Client Coordinator. She brings 5 years of client-facing experience in Event Planning and Personal Assistance. During that time, she developed client management skills, honed her ability to build meaningful relationships, learned project management, and the ability to manage an array of tasks and projects. Outside of this, she has a deep passion for sustainability and has worked in Researching with the Center for Responsible Travel. Her main objective was to work with key government stakeholders to create recommendations for changes in the tourism sector within the city of Charleston, SC when reopening after COVID-19.

Her motivation lies in wanting to impact business development by holistically reshaping corporate leadership and its structures.

Joslyn graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She enjoys being outside and exercising in her free time, whether this is a walk in the park, tennis, or a fitness class.