Joanna Bishop

Joanna Bishop

Consulting Team

Joanna is an Occupational Psychologist, working with global clients from a range of industries. She partners with individual leaders through assessment and coaching work and enjoys unlocking their potential by generating deep self-awareness and insight that stimulates mindset and behavioral change. She specializes in DEI work and has partnered with a range of organizations to develop a D&I cultural strategy to align with their business and people strategies, as well as delivering workshops (both face-to-face and virtual) on specific elements of their cultural shift. More broadly, she is experienced in developing leadership and talent frameworks for organizations, tailoring the content and model to fit their unique leadership strategy, bringing a lens for diversity, equity and inclusion to maximize the variety of talent entering and progressing through an organization.

In terms of coaching, she is particularly interested in working with individuals who are making significant mindset shifts around what it means to lead. Her focus is on building a more acute sense of their control to change their own behaviors and performance by tackling their beliefs and assumptions.

Prior to joining YSC in 2016, she worked as a Research Consultant for a boutique consultancy where she worked predominantly in the finance sector, designing training workshops.

Joanna has a BA (Hons) in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and completed her MSc in Organizational Psychology at City University, London, focusing on employee wellbeing in her dissertation. She holds a coaching qualification with AoEC and is trained in psychometrics such as FIRO-B, Hogan Suite, and OPQ-32 personality surveys.