David Sheingold

David Sheingold


The through line of David’s over 20-year business experience has been focused on helping senior leaders, leadership teams, and companies imagine, plan for, and implement change. He brings a wide view of leadership from his experience holding in-house leadership roles, co-founding and standing up a backend cooperative and partnering across industry as a consultant. Diversity, equity and inclusion are core to his interests and values. Whether he is helping companies set and cascade strategy and culture or working with executive teams to evolve and animate their ability to collaborate, innovate and drive performance, inclusive leadership and DEI are central to how he drives lasting change.

In David’s 14-year coaching practice, he has worked with over 150 senior leaders from the private and public sectors, spanning tech, fashion, retail, arts & entertainment, legal, pharma, philanthropy, and education. Whether he is coaching C-Suite executives, board leadership, or creatives working at the forefront of their industries, he brings compassion, deep curiosity and challenge, opening up space to balance the often-isolating dynamics of leadership with frank partnership. He works to co-create shifts in perception and behavior to unleash leader’s potential and elevate their impact.

David has extensive experience as a guest lecturer, panelist, moderator, and speaker, addressing an array of topics around leadership and culture with entities that include Columbia University, Cornell University, Creative Capital, CUNY, Fordham University, New York University, Pew Center for Arts and Heritage and The New School University, among others. He holds an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Baruch College and a BA in Urban Studies from Vassar College.

David lives in Brooklyn, New York with his husband. He loves to break bread with family and friends and has a deep and abiding belief in the restorative power of game night.

David creates a safe, yet challenging coaching environment and with his kind and unbiased voice he helped me get out of some of my habitual patterns of behavior. I was then able to better navigate some of the challenging circumstances and relationships at work and increased my productivity, improve my relationships and well-being. I have gained valuable new perspectives and have become more serene in how I respond to some of my triggers, without sacrificing the need for pace, urgency and ambitious outcomes. The results have been evident both to myself, my team and my leader. David is an insightful coach and was able to analyze what was going through my head by deeply listening to what was being said; as well as unsaid. He is reflective, compassionate and also has a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend David as a coach for anyone that is serious about their learning and evolving to become better version of themselves.

Chief Product Officer,

Fortune500 Global Fashion Brand

David's coaching support has been pivotal to the success of my leadership team and to my own professional growth and development. David deeply understands the practices and mechanisms that make healthy organizations (and people) function well, and he brings an unfailingly compassionate approach to guiding his clients to that state. He's present, knowledgeable, curious and kind. He makes us and our work better.

Executive Director,

National Philanthropic Foundation